Digital Photography Education


I am currently not offering any classes. Please email me if you have interest and I can keep you posted when classes will be starting again. 

Do you love to take pictures? Do you have a child or teen that has a strong interest in photography?  Then you are in the right spot. I have several classes starting from 8 years old to adults. Please check out my classes below.   

 If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Jen Alvarez at  Telephone:  609-330-8422





In this class we will be having fun learning about photography and using our cameras. Kids will learn about different photographers and their work. They will also learn how to compose and create unique images by using different types of lights, different camera angles, how to use their surroundings to frame their image adn how to use leading lines. Each week we will have a new photgraphy adventure from taking a great selfie, capturing nature, portrait of a friend, bubbles and much more.  Phones,  and tablets are welcome in this class. 


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Digital Photography For Teens

Bring your digital camera and start shooting! In this class students will be learning the fundamentals of photography and composition. Students will explore their camera settings, and the basics on how to use it. We will learn how to master exposure and composition. Each week they will have a new photography adventure from taking a scenic image, portrait, movements, macro and much more.  

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DSLR from Auto To Manual and Workshops for Moms

Have a new camera or a digital camera that has been collecting dust because you are not sure what to do with all your settings? This is the perfect class for you. You will be learning how to master exposure using manual settings. You will learn about light and how to use it to create beautiful images.  We will also be discussing composition, create images using different angles, how to use your surroundings to create an image and how to find light.