Welcome! So glad you stopped by.  I am Jen Alvarez, owner and lead photographer of PhotoJenic Moments.  I love my life, take pride in capturing the beauty in it and all it's special moments. I am a wife,  a mom to three beautiful children, business owner, and a teacher. 

Since I was a little girl I have admired photography. I would find myself looking through endless books of portraits, landscape photography and documentary photography. I love thinking about the story the photograph has to say and wondering what the people are thinking. A photograph to me is a dramatic statement with the power to last forever. It can take you to distant landscapes, capture feeling, emotion, recall cherished moments and reveal the beauty of the daily life and changes the world brings. 

Photography is my passion and I take extra care in making sure every session is custom designed for each of my clients. It can be a special location, your home, a custom set in my natural light studio; whatever it is I take special attention to creating a session that will tell your story.  I am mainly a natural light photographer as I want my images to portray it's natural beauty. 

I am not your "sit here", "tilt your chin" this way photographer. While I may suggest some poses I will engage in creating laughter, giggles, having fun so I can capture you and your story. 

A couple more things about me: I love to run, snowboard, hike, surf, and anything outdoors. I love to wear hoodies(my husband would say I am addicted to them) and anything soft. I love to talk, have a cup of coffee with anyone and LOVE chocolate! Fair warning we most likely will become friends. 

I can't wait to meet you and tell your story!